December 17 Lunch and Learn: I'm Not Throwing Away My Shot

By AAF Montgomery (other events)

Thursday, December 17 2020 11:45 AM 1:00 PM

AAF Montgomery Lunch and Learn
Thursday, December 17th // 11:45 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
FREE AAF members // $10 guests

All that hard work at home while dealing with the #strugglebus of 2020 can possibly #WinAnADDY. And, like everything else in our pandemic world, this year’s competition (and only this year) will be completely virtual from accepting entries to judging to the gala. Join us December 17 as we help you navigate this new world.

How’s my entry going to get fair judging online, you ask? Add yet another Zoom meeting to your calendar as we present some exciting new categories and entry rules, including additional requirements for print entries. We’ll also cover low budget tips for presenting your entries in the best light. Then, hear from past judges on what they look for. 

While the American Advertising Awards competition is the largest in the nation, some may cry “anarchy” that the judges don’t realize the genius of their entries. While every judge’s opinion is different, we’ve got a panel of experienced judges to rise up and highlight what they look for in winning entries, bemoan score-dropping mistakes, and make suggestions on how your entries can stand out. 

So, if you’re a bright and shiny new entrant, or have years of experience, don’t throw away your shot to #WinAnADDY!


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